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Fair Trade High Quality Diamonds with grading reports. We can help you find the best diamond for your engagement ring and design a custom setting! Contact us for an appointment.


Order Custom Jewelry

The Options:

Nala Saraswati has explored the mystical traditions of gemology astrology and jewelry. His style lends itself to both classic and contemporary designs. His jewelry is intended to be deeply personal.

The most beautiful gemstones cannot be found in matching lots. They are one of kind and the setting can reflect this as well.
Here are a few of the types of jewelry that can be custom ordered:


  • Bridal, Engagement rings, Diamond Jewelry
  • Birthstone, Ayurvedic & Astrology Remedy Jewelry
  • Wholesale Orders to Qualified Retail Jewelry Stores
  • Earrings, Prayer Malas, Pendants, Sculptures 

The Process:

Once you've applied to commission Nala Saraswati for a custom piece, these are the following steps:

(See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details)

  • Express your interest; fill out the contact form 
  • We will get back to you with gem options and design inspiration
  • Choose final design
  • We ship within 30 days (or less for most designs)

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