What is a gem recommendation?

Gem recommendation is a practice of determining your most helpful gemstones based on the practices of Vedic (Indian) Astrology. Ayurveda also has methods of determining your most beneficial gems. Ayurveda is an ancient system of wisdom from India for improving health and balance of mind body & spirit. Nala has studied these practices extensively and can offer a gem recommendation based on your astrology.

What if I don't live near San Francisco?

Our clients are from all over the world. Choosing design options and gemstones is done via email and phone with detailed images of what your finished jewelry will look like. This way we can make design changes to determine what you will like best.

Can NS ship my jewelry fully insured?

Yes we can ship Fed Ex and UPS fully insured. The price of insured shipping is determined by the retail or appraisal value.

Does NS offer appraisals?

Yes we offer appraisals on items over $2500 by a reputable 3rd party gemologist/appraiser. With this you can cover your jewelry under an existing homeowners/rental insurance policy or ask us to recommend a jewelry insurance company. 

Does NS ship internationally?

Yes. Note that we do not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside of the United States, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any customs or duties or VAT imposed by the recipient’s country. Each country has different policies for purchases made outside of their country, we cannot forecast or control these fees and how long it takes to clear the package.

What if I do not know my ring size?

We are happy to send you a ring sizer that you can keep. Simply fill out our contact form on the Custom Orders page and include your address.

Another option is to measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you perfectly.


Select a ring that properly fits the finger of which you intend to know the ring size. Using a ruler, measure the inside diameter of the ring, directly across from one side to the other in the middle of the ring band (as seen in the diagram). 

Once you have a measurement in mm, use the chart to confirm your ring size.
*If the ring size is between two sizes, choose the larger ring size. We can also make 1/4 sizes.

 Ideally you can have your finger properly sized at a jeweler.