About Nala Saraswati





San Francisco bay area artist Nala Saraswati belongs to the micro-niche of jewelers with the very highest ideals. Nala Saraswati is well known for his ability to translate his clients ideas into world class fine jewelry. His commitment to working with fair trade sources of gemstones and recycled metals as well as connecting with every one of his custom jewelry clients, sets him apart from the retail jewelry industry.

"I believe jewelry is the most intimate material item in many peoples lives. This is what inspires me to connect with my clients and express artistry that will stand the test of time."

Nala has also devoted many years to the study of gemology in ancient cultures and his designs are often inspired by ancient Indian gemstone jewelry. With a background in India's Vedic Astrology and gemology he is uniquely qualified to create astrological and therapeutic jewelry as taught in the traditions of Ayurveda and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

A decade of researching sources of natural and fair trade gemstones has established Nala as an incredible resource for the highest quality diamonds, emeralds and many other gems.

All of Nala Saraswati's designs are made in the United States and every piece is created from conscionable sources of precious metals and gemstones.
Currently Nala Saraswati is expanding his brand to make his couture jewelry designs available in select retail stores as well as dedicating himself to designing alternative engagement and bridal jewelry. 

Nala's client's are all over the world and he has worked hard to perfect his process of designing custom fine jewelry regardless of distance. With quality images of what the finished piece will look like, you can co-design your jewelry from anywhere with confidence that the finished piece will exceed your expectations.